Freelance translator Andrey Pavlyuk

Hello! My name is Andrey Pavlyuk. I am a translator of English, Russian and Ukrainian. I sincerely hope that our acquaintance will help in removing the barrier of language and culture opening your business to an international marketplace. Using my knowledge and experience, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality and terms of translation performance.
I adhere to several major principles, such as quality, professionalism, competitive rates, punctuality, individual approach, confidentiality. I am interested in a long-term collaboration.
Rates, indicated in the price-list, are only the basis for our further dialog, and they can be changed according to your needs, proposals and demands.

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My competitive advantages


Your translation project will be done by a qualified translator with sufficient experience which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate. Besides, I am an active member of professional translation web-sites, such as,,,,,,,, etc.

Checking of the stylistic, grammatical, spelling consistency and integrity of a product is performed by a proofreader - a native speaker of the target language.

Personalized Service

I can provide you with the most optimum work model in every individual case. I'm ready to consider any stylistic, terminology, terms and payment option requirements, ensuring that project specifications are met and expectations exceeded.

Moreover, in further translation need you work with the same translator, which insures maintaining a very high standard of accuracy, the correct terminology and style, as well as confidentiality of your documents.

I also offer: localization, Web design, typing, terminology data base creation and termbase management, transcription, transliteration, language and culture consultancy, pre- and post-editing etc.
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Pricing Policy

Streamlined translation process and low overhead expenses allow me to provide you with my best offer. You work directly with your translator, unlike with agencies acting as middlemen between you and me. Thus, perfect collaboration conditions are created: you pay less and translator’s work is paid better, which positively influences the translation quality. You pay for translation and nothing more!

Have a high volume text translated promptly

First of all I am interested in orders I can execute myself. However, if the order is a highly specific text, I enlist the services of my colleagues - experts and specialists, who are engaged in the given sphere.

Practically any file format is supported

You can send the text for translation in a format you are comfortable with: .doc, .doc, .txt, .rtf, .odt, .pdf, .htm, .html, .php, .xml, .xls, printed material, CD, DVD, floppy disk, flash drive etc.

Translation Memory

A translation memory, or TM, is a database that stores so-called "segments", which can be sentences or sentence-like units (headings, titles or elements in a list), that have been previously translated. A translation-memory system stores the words, phrases and paragraphs that have already been translated and aid human translators. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units”. Some software programs that use translation memories are known as translation memory managers (TMM). A translation memory consists of text segments in a source language and their translations into one or more target languages. These segments can be blocks, paragraphs, sentences, or phrases. Individual words are handled by terminology bases and are not within the domain of TM. Note that Translation Memory and Machine Translation (MT) are two different things!